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After purchase, you will receive a KEY to activate the software package.deliveryPurchase ID is 16 characters long, use it to get the product code on the merchant site./deliveryRelease date: January 29, 2016
Age Rating: 16+
Developer: Haemimont Games
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital Ltd
Localization: Fully in Russian
Activation System: Steam
Region: Russia

The time has come for a very special game collection: The Tropico 5 - Complete Collection offers both beginners and experienced fans a final collection with all DLCs. A total of three extensive campaigns, 40 paradise islands, more than 125 buildings and 10 additional scenarios, this collection will give you a lot more than 100 hours of fun in games, so make sure you have it in your case with a cigar. In Tropico 5, you are the sole ruler of a remote tropical island, where you can build your empire completely according to your whims and desires. Would you like to go down in history as a famous statesman or a barbarian dictator is completely up to you! Expand the rules of your dynasty from early colonial times to the 21st century and face new challenges with the new merchant fleet, the study of new technologies, numerous research missions and multiplayer modes for up to 4 players. With three extensive campaigns of 40 paradise islands, over 125 buildings and 10 additional scenarios, this collection of games will provide much more than 100 hours of fun in games. Eras - Start your reign over Tropico in colonial times, having survived world wars and economic crises, get out of the Cold War, and lead your country to a glorious future. From the 19th to the 21st century, each era will present its own problems and you have your own surprises for you. Dynasty - Your extended family members live on the island and can be hired as rulers, managers, diplomats, or generals. Turn your family members into valuable resources. Search and update. Modernize your country with new buildings, technologies and resources. Repair outdated structures to ensure that everything in your race over time is state-of-the-art. Extended trading system. Create a powerful merchant fleet and secure the most lucrative contracts with neighboring countries and global superpowers. Joint and competitive multiplayer - Up to 4 players can build their own countries on a common map and be able to share resources, goods and people or declare war on each other.
Tropico 5 (steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Complete Collection (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Espionage (steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Generalissimo (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Gone Green (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Inquisition (steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Joint Venture (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Mad World (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Supervillain (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Surfs Up (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 TDay (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 The Big Cheese (Steam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 The Supercomputer (Seam key) -- RU -
Tropico 5 Waterborne (Steam key) -- RU -


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