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Care Package Bravo World of Tanks - PC\PS4\XBOX - Region free.

Want to get new tanks for rent? And many other bonuses?

BUY " Care Package Alpha" and you will get many exclusive rewards for World of Tanks!

Twitch prime for World of Tanks included.

• A unique Elite Amethyst camouflage, applicable on any vehicle, from Tier I to Tier X

• An exclusive emblem to make your combat vehicle stand out among others.

• A special “Beyond the Service Call” medal to herald your personal record.

• VI Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2
• VII IS-2
• VIII WZ-120-1G FT
• VIII FV4202
Temporary Garage Slot
100% Crew


• Rank among top 10 by XP
• All vehicles except Event tanks
Random Battles, Grand Battles, Team Battles, Advances, Skirmishes
• +15% to XP
+15% to Credits
• Rank among top 10 by XP earned in the winning team

• 15% discount coupon for purchase of any in-game content in the Premium Shop.
• 10 Large Repair Kits
10 Large First Aid Kits
10 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
• IV Valentine II (or 400,000 if you already have this tank)
• 2 Days of Premium Account Time
Immediately after payment, you will receive the "Care Package Bravo" kit for World of Tanks by email, specified when paying. Twitch prime included for WOT. Get rewards.


04.12.2018 19:30:57
Все супер, еслиб не долгие программисты из wargaming, все пришло бы быстрее. Продавец молодец, помучился со мной и все объяснил. Покупка данного пака однозначно нужна всем!!!!
13.11.2018 0:45:28
Белые, пушистые, добрые, отзывчивые:0)
Терзал их вопросами, всё разжевали!:0)