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Buying this product you get:
✅ AppStore game account with the game:
✅ Stardew Valley
✅ Data of the form: login: password + Instructions on how to download the game from the store
"GUARANTEE" for the purchased goods (in case of problems, please contact PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE)

Note: (IMPORTANT!) Before buying, check that this product is supported by your device!
1) Our accounts are not eternal: passwords to them change after 5 days after the purchase of goods! The downloaded games remain on your device, but in the case of a game update, you will need to purchase access to your account again or play the old version of the game.
2) Accounts are issued only for downloading the applications you need, after downloading, go to your account.

It is prohibited:
Enter the received data into iCloud.
Make any changes to the data in the shared AppStore account.
Independently purchase games and applications, additional items.
Additional Information:
Note: (IMPORTANT!) Before buying, read this product! Our accounts do not last forever: passwords to it change after 5 days after purchasing the product!
You have the opportunity to purchase new versions of games.
- Accounts are issued only to download the applications you need.


- It is forbidden to independently purchase additional items for games and programs downloaded from the General Account.

- It is forbidden to use a shared account to log into iCloud, Game Center and other similar services. The account is intended only for downloading games and applications from the AppStore.
- It is forbidden to make any changes to these accounts.
- Prohibit the transfer of data from the account and use it for commercial purposes.
Access to the purchased account without prior notice and refund.


10.05.2019 16:13:35
Все отлично!
08.05.2019 16:34:37
Возникли проблемы, но все было решено. Доволен товаром, спасибо
25.04.2019 20:31:53
Had a problem, Seller responded very quickly and helped me. GOOD SELLER!!!
20.04.2019 22:47:07
Works fine
30.03.2019 23:06:23
Покупаю уже не первый раз, все просто супер!Спасибо!
30.03.2019 12:56:29
Все отлично получил игру, всё работает спасибо за игру!
27.02.2019 9:47:25
Все отлично
24.02.2019 19:42:31
Дёшево, легко, быстро. За 5 минут активировал без проблем.
19.01.2019 20:35:27
Не долго думая рискнул , не зря , все ровно , спасибо за весомую скидку ))
16.01.2019 2:29:33
Не думал что так легко это ставится , 10 из 10