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Anno 1404 and addition to it is an award-winning game that combines economics, construction, research, diplomacy and battles. Erect huge cities, developing an idealized historical empire in the East and Venice of the Renaissance. The game supports multiplayer mode, so you can share this unforgettable experience with friends. The unique combination of simulator and real-time strategy will allow you to create your own people, with whom you will explore the world, trade, learn new technologies and create a great empire will certainly leave a mark on history.

Welcome to the East!
Build a settlement and get acquainted with the technologies and culture of the East.

Build huge cities!
Build a harbor on the picturesque coast and lay a new city with streets, walls and castles.
Play as you like! Change the interface to your liking. Create new adventures in the world of Anno with the help of powerful editors and share them with other players.

This game is available to both beginners and experienced players! The interface is simple and clear to anyone, and fans of strategies will be able to customize the game as they like. An exciting campaign will introduce newcomers to the world of Anno, and in the sandbox mode, players can create absolutely any adventure. In the captain’s magazine you can see special titles, medals, new abilities and other awards.
In addition, Anno 1404: Venice, a new venue appeared - Venice. The rich world of Anno 1404 was replenished with Venice and new opportunities for interaction. In Venice, you can build two new types of ships: large and small merchant ships. Develop secret diplomacy, send spies to enemies to restrain their development. Expand your influence on the governments of enemy cities and take them under your control.
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