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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 1%

-After paying for the goods, you will INSTANTLY receive a Twitch account to receive the World of Tanks Summer Vibes + High Voltage


-The account will be in the form of LOGIN: PASSWORD

-You will be redirected to the page with the login password from TWITCH after payment, a letter with them will be sent to the mail specified during payment (check spam too)


-Package goes without the King Tiger tank, only Summer Vibes + High Voltage

-Buy only for the PC version of the game, for PS4 bonuses will not !!!

- Bonuses can be credited in Wargaming up to 24 hours !!!

-The promotion can be activated only once per WARGAMING account, do not buy this product twice. If you do not read the description before purchasing the product, this is exclusively your problem !!!

-Activation of World of Tanks

1. Log into your Wargaiming and link the purchased Amazon account with your World of Tanks account - by clicking on the AMAZON icon
2. Enter the details of the purchased Amazon account, click Allow and then go to the Amazon mail itself, you can access it simply by clicking on the link given with the Amazon login and password
3. In the mail itself, you take from the very first letter a 6-digit unique code to enter Amazon, or simply press in the letter 2 times on Approve entry
4. Exit and re-enter the game. Accrual of bonuses can take up to 24 hours, if not immediately, then wait

ATTENTION! PC version only. The King Tiger tank (captured) is not included in this package. The package cannot be received twice for one WG, do not buy more than once !!!
You can also order additional services from us for HEARTHSTONE, TWITCH PRIME and much more, a list

All of our products at the link below:

-Contact us via Plati or Skype in-house chat and we will answer all your questions!

-Thank you very much for your purchases and reviews, especially for you cumulative system of discounts!


26.11.2021 4:52:09
Все пришло, все работает, спасибо продавцу.
16.11.2021 1:24:56
Большое спасибо.Всё в точности соответствует описанию и следуя заявленной инструкции появляется в игре.Для тех кто не в танке и пропустил эти наборы - самое то:)
15.11.2021 20:55:03
Все пришло, спасибо!
29.10.2021 16:46:44
Все отлично. Пришли оба пакета практически сразу
16.10.2021 15:48:52
Спасибо все пришло
16.10.2021 10:27:56
Всё отлично!!!
15.10.2021 13:14:11
Всё отлично! Всё поступило моментально.
13.10.2021 15:40:46
Все отлично, рекомендую. Заходил по упрощенному варианту: зашел в личный кабинет ВоТ, нажал на значок Амазона, вошел введя почту и пароль. И все. Спасибо автору, большую часть наборов брал у него. Все как всегда понятно и просто.
03.10.2021 10:53:34
Отлично. Очень простая активация. Спасибо большое.
30.07.2021 13:07:05