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Game Description:
The game begins with a pirate ship, on which Edward Kenway is sailing, attacks a small group of merchant ships for profit. The helmsman is killed, and Edward becomes the steering wheel. Edward´s ship manages to win, but then an unknown assassin gets on board. The team is distracted by it and does not notice that the barrels of powder light up, due to which an explosion occurs. Everyone dies except Edward and the assassin. They are thrown to the shore of the island. The assassin behaves aggressively, runs away, then attacks Edward, but he overtakes him and kills him. After searching it, Kenway finds a box with a crystal and a letter addressed to an assassin. The letter said that this crystal is very important to the Knights Templar and the assassin killed by Edward, whose name - Duncan Walpole - was stated in the letter, was to deliver it to them, to the city of Havana. Also there it was said that the Templars do not know the courier in person, and must recognize him by the form of an assassin. Kenway, deciding to receive the award instead of the courier he killed, changes into his clothes and, with the help of the merchant from the English, Steed Bonnet, goes to Havana.


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