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?? Instruction (Required Reading)
? Data are presented in the form of login email: password mail | Steam login: Steam password.
? Go to, log in, taking the data that you were given after purchase.
? To activate the mail you just enter your phone number.
? Go to your Steam account and bind your phone number to Steam.
? Change account password.
? Turn on guard or bind the mobile authenticator.
? If something does not work, do not rush to leave a negative review, write to me ???, I will help you.
? We leave positive feedback ?????. </ Attention>?? Buying this product you get:
? Steam account only 2003 registration
? Original mail
? Profile is not configured, you will be the first to activate the profile.
? When you buy CS: GO, you get a 5-year veteran’s medal and 10-year veteran’s medal
? 5-8 Steam Profile Level
? Six-digit STEAM ID (6dig)
? Cumulative discounts
? Half-Life Platinum Pack on account
? Operational support in case of any questionsattention?? Terms of purchase!
?? Accounts are issued immediately after payment.

?? All accounts have been created by me and have nothing to do with hacked / stolen accounts.

?? Accounts are 100% guaranteed.

?? Accounts are guaranteed to be sold in one hand.

?? Reply from the seller is guaranteed within 24 hours (usually earlier)!

?? All operations for changing data (changing passwords, linking phones, changing other data) are performed by the buyer (IMMEDIATELY after purchase).

?? In case of any incomprehensible situations - do not rush to write a negative review, write any question in the chat to the seller./attention


18.06.2019 16:44:55
Аккаунт работает, все соответствует описанию, Спасибо
18.06.2019 4:58:52
Акк Рабочий
27.03.2019 11:47:29
Товар оправдывает ожидания!
22.03.2019 6:38:10
thanks so much
11.03.2019 23:25:53
I cant login to e-mail
07.03.2019 15:04:01
всё отлично, продавцу печенек
07.03.2019 0:49:22
Выпал очень неплохой аккаунт, под основу. Продаван, я тя обожаю))
06.03.2019 15:41:00
account got flagged as stolen :(
25.02.2019 22:17:44
19.02.2019 1:23:56