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After payment you are guaranteed to get a working steam account with the game Counter-Strike Global Offensive Prime. You will be the first owner of this account, there will be no simulated hours, returns and problems, as the accounts are new.

- After paying for the goods, you will receive a username and password from the steam account with the game, as well as mail from the service.
- No simulated hours. Calibration failed, only Prime status. To use the Prime status, you must bind the phone.
- Before the sale, all accounts are verified. We do not have incorrect data.
- The phone is not attached. To use the account, you must bind the phone.
- All data can be changed to your own.
- Adding to friends is available only after replenishing your account for $ 5.

What guarantees does the buyer receive?
- The buyer is guaranteed to receive an account with the game.
- The buyer is guaranteed to receive an account without VAC bans and game bans.
- The buyer is guaranteed to receive a new account on which the game did not start.
- The buyer is guaranteed to receive an account on which there were no balance replenishments, card and phone bindings.
- The buyer is guaranteed to be able to change the password and mail to the account. If you have problems with changing data, you can contact the seller for help.
- The warranty does not apply in case of playing with cheats, violations of the rules of the steam subscriber agreement or the rules of the game itself on the account.
- The seller does not guarantee the performance of the game on your PC. Before buying, be sure to check if your PC supports this game.
- The seller is not responsible for your lost or forgotten data, such as passwords or emails. To protect your account, be sure to follow the instructions for changing data and write down passwords in a safe place.
- The seller does not guarantee for the possible imposition of sanctions, changes in the steam subscriber agreement or the rules of the game itself.
After entering your account, do not forget to do the following in order:
1. Go to the steam website and log in. In the upper right corner, click on “Login” - “About Account”
2. In the "Contact Information" section, add your phone and confirm it. If you need to confirm the mail then you can enter the mail from the service
3. In the same section, click on “Change email address”, the code for the change will go to your phone, indicated in paragraph 2.
4. After attaching the phone and changing the mail, we proceed to changing the password. To do this, in the “Account Protection” section, click “Change Password” and follow the instructions.
5. After these steps, you will receive at your complete disposal an account that will remain with you forever.
If you have any difficulties, then you can always contact the seller.


11.05.2019 19:15:48
Got what was said!
27.04.2019 17:37:14
Лучший продавец!
29.03.2019 3:04:56
I was a little scared this wouldn’t work but, I got everything I was supposed to