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📝 Instruction (Required Reading)
Disable Windows Updates (If you have Windows 10 disabled via the application
There is a video instruction.
1) Install the Steam client (If you have Steam installed. Create a new folder and name it Steam Offline)
2) Copy the file RGH_Metro_Exodus.exe and RGH_Activate to the root of the Steam Offline folder
3) Run RGH_Metro_Exodus.exe from the root of the Steam Offline folder
4) Press the "Install Steam" button (If you need to create a copy) (screen 1) (We are waiting for the Steam copy to be installed)
5) After installing from the Steam Offline folder, turn on the RGH_Activate program
6) Enter the code that was issued at the time of purchase into the program (Code works 24 hours from the moment of purchase)
7) The program will automatically log into your account. (P.S. During login, do not touch the mouse and keyboard. Otherwise, the program will not be able to enter the purchased account)
8) Download the game from the library Steam
9) After downloading, run the game
10) Immediately after starting the game, close it (It is forbidden to be in the game for more than 5 minutes!)
11) We transfer Steam to offline mode from the RGH_Metro_Exodus.exe application (screen 2)
12) All subsequent launches of the game are strictly through the RGH_Metro_Exodus.exe file and strictly in offline mode (screen 3 and screen 4). For convenience, you can make a shortcut on the desktop.
How to play your account on Steam.
1) We leave the Steam Offline with the purchased game (screen 5), and do not exit the account.
2) Run the Steam, which you had previously installed. (not the one you installed in the Steam Offline folder)
3) Enter your username and password, and you are in your account.
How to go back to your purchased account offline.
1) Exit Steam (screen 5).
2) Run through the file RGH_Metro_Exodus.exe. and select offline mode (screen 3 and screen 4)
If it is difficult for you or something is not clear, you can ask the seller for help to activate the game.
Through the program TeamViewer 13


31.03.2020 20:06:52
Хороший товар, так же как и продавец. Если появлялись ошибки с игрой, сразу отвечали. Объясняли понятливо и доступно. Рекомендую покупать здесь!!!
17.02.2020 18:07:12
15.02.2020 15:50:12
всё в порядке
14.02.2020 16:39:05
Отличный продавец , быстро отвечает и помогает , Советую покупать у него
13.02.2020 14:36:37
Всё отлично)
12.02.2020 15:02:21
Установка сложная копец но продавец помок все четка .Берите унего товар:)
04.01.2020 23:43:28
30.09.2019 7:45:20
Все работает, отвечает очень быстро
10.09.2019 20:08:28
Все отлично работает, молниеносная поддержка, отличный продавец
28.08.2019 16:46:23
Было муторно всё это активировать, но продавец помог. Товар соответствует названию и описанию, Метро Исходус ДЛС Два Покойника.