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Service to remove / reset FRP lock on any Huawei models.FRP lock (Factory Reset Protection) is the anti-theft protection system on Android phones that works after Hard Reset (reset to factory default). After rebooting and connecting to the Internet, the device will ask for a username and password - the window “Google Account Verification”. If you have forgotten or lost this data, you will not be able to use the device.
The received factory key to reset the Google account lock (FRP key) is only suitable for a device with a specific IMEI and can be used repeatedly for this Huawei device to reset the lock on a Google account. </ Attention>

How to use the service:

Download and install the FRP reset program on your computer.
Install the complete USB driver package for Huawei, including the Huawei Fastboot Drivers necessary for communication between your Huawei device and the FastbootET01_v1006 utility.
Run FastbootET01_v1006 as Administrator and make sure that the utility sees your Huawei device.
Only after you have verified that the FastbootET01_v1006 utility sees your unlockable Huawei device - order a factory reset Google account lock key (FRP key).
Specify device IMEI. You can view IMEI by dialing * # 06 #. In the field you need to enter 15 digits IMEI. This field is required.
Point your Huawei model. This field is required.
When the order is processed, an FRP reset code will be sent to you at the email you provided during registration.
Connect the phone to the computer in FASTBOOT mode. Check if the drivers are installed on your phone.
Enter the code received from us in the corresponding line and press "UNLOCK FRP"
The phone is unlocked.The FRP lock reset code is not a username and password from a Google account, it is a resetting code, a reset account. After unlocking this code, you can enter your Google account already, or use a smartphone without an account. The unlock code is calculated on the server 1-24 hours, depending on the time of day. Usually the code comes within an hour, you should not panic if the code did not come in 2 minutes after payment. Do not worry, as soon as the code comes from the server, it will immediately be sent to you in a message to your specified email.
For all questions please write to the order code on the contacts listed here - https://irongamers.ru/sale/seller/595778 </ delivery>


31.08.2020 17:36:19
Все прошло успешно. Спасибо
13.08.2020 16:25:07
20.03.2020 6:05:27
Спасибо! Все работает.
14.08.2019 13:34:40
У меня планшет huawei mediapad t3 10, был заблокирован. Приобрёл разблокировку frp, все получилось, планшет разблокирован. Спасибо за ключ .
20.05.2019 9:17:09
Код FRP пришёл в течение часа! Ребята, это спасение! Особенно с Хуавеем!
До того были испробованы все способы отвязки от аккаунта Гугл, потрачена куча нервов и т.п.
Так что рекомендую! Однозначно!
(И мы напоследок мой совет, как практика: не обзаводитесь ни Хуавеями, ни Хонорами. Чтоб не было мучительно больно в случае каких-либо неполадок.)