21.11.2020 12:40:27
21.11.2020 12:39:32
Really good
20.11.2020 8:19:33
Honestly Great I have ben grinding a lot! this guy is 100% legit he never took the account back or noting probably gonna buy again from him + Good suport
16.11.2020 23:25:27
Worked thanks!
16.11.2020 3:41:30
Awesome and fast
16.11.2020 2:21:28
I bought this for smurfing the account is working no problem
14.11.2020 10:27:25
Purchased many times before but you really only need to buy once. Really needs to improve the time it takes for the seller to respond and don´t plan on keeping an account for longer than 4 days without needing a new one.
11.11.2020 0:34:55
very good seller 0 problem
09.11.2020 11:56:53
03.11.2020 23:55:01
I had a problem with other people using my acount and they gave me a new one.