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OS: The game runs exclusively on Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1809 or higher (The game is incompatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1).
Processor: Intel Core i3 4170 / AMD FX-8350
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 / AMD Radeon R7 250x (DirectX 12 support is required)
Disk Space: 65 GB
Presence of the installed Microsoft Store application
Availability of an installed Xbox application

1. Update windows to the new current version.
2. Delete your PIN at the time of activation (Windows Hello)
(*) Open "Parameters" (Win + I) => Accounts => Login Parameters.
Delete the PIN code if it is, activation is not possible with it!
3. Enable Windows Update (if turned off)
4. Log out of your Microsoft Store account and make sure that your computer meets the minimum game requirements.
5. Register or login to your XBox account. Whatever the chance, you are not logged into the purchased account. Since your achievements and passing can get off.
6. After that we buy goods.

1. Be sure to log out of your Microsoft Store account, and expand the application to full screen
2. Enable the activator RGH_Activate_Store.exe and enter the purchased activation key into the activator and press the "Activate" button.
3. The program will automatically go into your account. Do not touch the mouse and keyboard during operation. Otherwise, the program will not go into your account.
4. IMPORTANT! After entering the security code, a window may open with the heading "Everywhere use this account on the device". In it, click on the link "Microsoft applications only"
5. Download the game and play. For convenience, you can find the game through the search for the Microsoft Store application
* Sea of Thieves key is issued separately
* Online works and is guaranteed at the time of purchase. If Microsoft later blocks this feature, no claims will be accepted.


18.10.2019 16:40:29
После покупки сразу получил 2 кода, активатор сработал без проблем. Спасибо!
13.10.2019 17:15:51
Все отлично работает, покупайте не пожалеете
13.10.2019 17:15:34
Всё отлично!
12.10.2019 0:57:38
09.10.2019 23:17:57
Полёт нормальный! Если у вас возникают проблемы, не волнуйтесь. Продавец очень оперативно исправит вам всё за пару секунд!!!
05.10.2019 20:37:59
Продавец помогает с активацией если нужно, все отлично!
20.09.2019 11:01:12
Please code for Sea of Thieves
18.09.2019 21:42:46
Всё оперативно. Продавец помогает с установкой, если требуется, а также помогает в решение проблем в будущем.
17.09.2019 18:40:47
seller is extreamly good person
helped me a lot and keys cammed quickly
16.09.2019 17:28:58
Взял второй раз для друга, снова доволен. Спасибо!