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Russian language
Platform: PC
Activation: Steam
Regional restrictions: Region free

ATTENTION! The key can not be activated in the Origin.

The Mediterranean Republic of Medici suffers under the yoke of cruel General Dee Ravello, a dictator with an exorbitant thirst for power. Become Rico Rodriguez, a man of special talent, the only one able to overthrow the general.
You will find more than 400 square miles of complete freedom from heaven to earth and a huge arsenal of weapons, gadgets and various equipment. Get ready for the most inventive and explosive chaos in the world!

Game features:
- Skydiving, BASE jumping and freediving - explore a Mediterranean island with complete freedom in vertical movement
- Thanks to the new wingsuit you will be able to effectively glide through the air and swoop down on enemies
- Use your harpoon and parachute to move faster, climb buildings, steal vehicles and connect various objects with each other
- Arrange large-scale destruction at military bases, in ports and prisons, police stations and points of contact to overthrow the dictator
- Arm yourself with an extensive arsenal of deadly weapons from shotguns and rocket launchers to anti-tank guns and air strikes
- A huge variety of various equipment of your choice, including boats, jet planes, helicopters, sports cars and superbikes
- Dozens of exciting missions and challenges
- Support for online functions


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