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You buy the official game key State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition from Xbox Game Studios

Release date - Apr 27. 2015
Game language - English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
Activation Service: Steam
Activation countries - for use on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries

The developers have worked carefully to make State of Decay and the Breakdown and Lifeline add-ons even better, so players can now enjoy all the delights of the full high definition (1080p) format. New missions and weapons, bonus content, as well as a number of improvements, including improved lighting and animation effects, new textures and a redesigned combat system - all this makes the post-apocalyptic world even more interesting. Can you play by the new rules?

New tasks
In remote areas of your region, someone begins to drop mysterious cargo. All would be fine, but it attracts huge crowds of zombies there. If you want to get your hands on the rarest and best weapons and equipment, you will have to deal with these critters.

New characters
Your favorite Lifeline heroes will also be available in Breakdown. For example, now you can play Kelly Eldridge - aka "Bigfoot".

New transport
Now you will not only have a new SUV, but also the opportunity to change its appearance to your liking: themed sets for its design will be scattered throughout the map.

New weapons: Added under-barrel grenade launchers and incendiary shotguns.
Now you can turn your machine gun into a grenade launcher and your shotgun into an armor-piercing cannon.

Show zombies teeth and don´t let the human race disappear into oblivion. Explore the endless expanses of the game world, but remember: life here does not stop for a second, and danger lies in wait for you at every step. Put together a combat-ready group of those who managed to survive and who you can play. Each of these characters has unique talents and skills. Build a base, and then turn it into an impregnable fortress that can withstand a prolonged siege. Make daring raids and get food and ammunition, in general - do everything possible to survive.


29.01.2023 12:34:27
Всё надёжно, продавец автоматически отправил код для активации после оплаты СБП. Рекомендую, так как цена самая низкая.
12.01.2023 2:19:49
пришло.подарка конечно же не будет)
20.12.2022 19:59:44
Всё отлично
25.09.2022 22:09:29
Рабочий ключ. Всё Супер! Большое спасибо!
20.09.2022 11:46:14
спасибо большое, код активировал, продавца очень рекомендую!!!
30.08.2022 11:00:22
Все гуд, ключ пришёл моментально
16.08.2022 12:00:31
Все работает, загрузка пошла!
30.07.2022 19:44:45
Всё отлично, ключ рабочий, пришел моментально, спасибо!
04.07.2022 22:53:05
Быстро доставлен и без проблем)
01.07.2022 17:50:23
Так, продавец отличный, всё пришло сразу, сложностей не обноружено, рекомендую данного продавца, он меня лишил девственности