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         ● As a nice bonus, items may have stickers and StatTrak technology.
         ● The quality of the item varies from «Tempered in battles» to «Straight from the factory».
         ● For delivery, we use the official Steam Trade Url system.
         ● Average delivery time of 5-15 minutes, depending on the Steam servers - to 24h.

Our shop provides a 100% guarantee on receipt of the goods. If you experience complications, the administration of the store in the shortest terms will begin consideration of your problem.
To receive an order:

1. Make sure that Steam Guard is enabled.
2. Make sure that your inventory is open and you can exchange Steam items.
3. Inform the unique purchase code and the link to the exchange in the "Correspondence with the seller" field.
4. After some time on your email and the Steam client will receive notification of a trade offer

How can I find a link to an exchange?

1. Log in to Steam through a client or browser.
2. Click the "Inventory" tab and click "Exchange offers" (highlighted in blue).
3. On the right we find the item "Who can send me proposals for exchange?" And go on it.
4. Below you will see your link to the exchange!


15.02.2021 23:46:02
за 1.34 доллара получил авп африканскую сетку. Улыбка тянется на все лицо
15.02.2021 22:16:30
01.02.2021 4:03:04
Все хорошо, брал у этого продавца AK, сейчас взял AWP.
28.12.2020 1:04:35
I want a gift pls <3
03.11.2020 15:55:42
Хочу подарок
10.10.2020 0:01:21
Great seller and quick trade
23.07.2020 13:55:24
23.07.2020 10:32:37
Очень быстрый продавец советую «Хочу подарок»
20.07.2020 11:09:01
За 99 руб. пришла Офриканскач сетка , но всё же это рандом , но некоторую стоимость компенсируют наклейки.

Хочу подарок.
20.07.2020 2:34:25
Спасибо,было быстро
Хочу подарок