04.03.2021 0:33:29
Аккаунт валидный, только вот бан на Hypixel(
03.03.2021 14:03:36
Thank you
02.03.2021 15:14:06
done. but asked video purchased . even i wrote less a minute that account was not valid. but still needed video. strange. after providing video all was good. and account was replaced. thanks
28.02.2021 19:23:02
After days of waiting for a replacement, seller finally contacted me and gave me a new working account. After a month, i found out that i was logged off from my account, i tried getting in, even though i changed everything, including the mail, security questions, i wasnt able to get in, i tried changing my password, but no mail came to me. seller left me on read, still waiting for him to answer.
25.02.2021 9:07:56
There was an account security problem. But the seller was kind enough to help. I was able to get a new account!
24.02.2021 17:59:37
Thank you!
23.02.2021 18:08:07
i bought an accaunt and i wated for 3 days for a reply because the password or the mail was incorect. tho after talking with the seller i got a new accaunt that acctually worked
20.02.2021 15:06:13
Аккаунт выдали не рабочий. Написал в поддержку, попросили видео что я покупал.. увы у меня его не было, но, я как то смог доказать что я не обманываю и аккаунт действительно не рабочий, продавец выдал другой аккаунт и всё работает. Перед покупкой запишите видео, в противном случае деньги могут не вернуть. Это нужно чтобы мошенники/кидки не получили так несколько аккаунтов и не продали их!
20.02.2021 1:37:46
the best at all
19.02.2021 15:47:47
The account is gone And the seller replaced me