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Uploaded: 05.08.2020

Positive responses: 238
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Sold: 5028
Refunds: 2

Seller: Steam-Center
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Instructions on how to activate the game:
1. Upgrade Windows 10, you can link
2. Activate the key on the site in your Microsoft account

Warranty and purchase conditions:
• After purchase, you will receive a key of the form XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
• After the purchase, only you are responsible for the key. We guarantee its work only at the time of sale.
• We cannot control you and your actions after the purchase (maybe you passed the key to another person, activated it on another PC, viruses, etc.)
• Claims are accepted only if you made a purchase on video from the beginning of the payment and prior to attempting to activate the key. Key replacement is possible ONLY with this video.
• If you do not agree with one of the points above, please refrain from purchasing our product.


07.08.2020 23:36:11
Ключ рабочий.
21.07.2020 9:36:28
19.07.2020 14:37:09
mm mmm
14.07.2020 10:30:46
Key is working, good seller
11.07.2020 13:46:19
Good shop.Bought a key,activated,it works.
10.07.2020 23:39:23
Very good and honest people. I bought both windows 10 and java and got the product I ordered. Definitely buy from them.
Очень хорошие и честные люди. Я купил обе Windows 10 и Java и получил продукт, который я заказал. Определенно купить у них.
06.07.2020 5:08:27
The game work fine . Thank
05.07.2020 15:22:39
Ключ получил сразу. Все работает.
04.07.2020 22:53:19
Огромное спасибо все работает! На всякий случай записывал видео но оно не пригодилось.
02.07.2020 20:33:08
Все хорошо. Спасибо.