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After payment you will instantly receive a license key Fortnite skin Neo Versa + 2000 V-Bucks ps4. To the mail indicated when paying for the goods neo versa. If it is not there, then the photo of the code will be on the site

Answers to questions:

1. Codes are still there ?: Yes, they are. If there is an announcement, then the code is. No need to ask if we still have codes or not !!!
2. Do I need a PS4 console? : Yes, I definitely need it. If you do not have a PS4 console, then we will help with the activation of the code on our PS4 console. !!! TEMPORARILY DO NOT HELP ACTIVATE !!!
3. How to pay for the Neo Versa code: On the right side, under the amount there is a payment option.
4. How to get the key after payment: After payment, you will automatically receive a photo of the key to your email address (within 5 minutes). You can also see all the goods that you bought on the site
5. Can I activate multiple codes on one PlayStation account? Answer: Yes, you can activate at least 10 codes. But if you first activated the code and got the NEO VERSA skin and vbaks, after the second activation it adds only vbaks. (You can buy a combat pass, skins, emotions, etc. on them)
6. Do I need to have a playstation plus (PS PLUS)?: Answer: NO !!!
7. Do I need to record after purchasing a video to activate the NEO VERSA code?: Yes, Mandatory !!! The video must be from the time of purchase until the activation of the code. Video should not be interrupted! The time must be indicated on the video.You cannot activate US accounts !!!/attention 
The license activation key is intended for use in the following countries: Russia, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Denmark, Luxembourg, Croatia, France, New Zealand, Ukraine, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Oman, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, India, Malta, South Africa, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Spain, Austria, Australia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Turkey .

Fight in the "Royal Battle" and play in Fortnite creative mode with a special set! It includes:

- Outfit New Amplitude (Neo Versa)
- Decoration on the back of the "New Decoder" (only in the "Royal Battle" and creative mode)
- 2000 B-bucks.
Instructions for those customers who have a PS4 console.

Activation via

1. Go to the PlayStation Store and click on your Avatar at the top of the screen.
2. Select [Redeem Codes] from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter the code and select [Redeem].
4. Tools or materials will be added to your account.

Activation via PS4 Console

1. Go to [PlayStation Store] and find [Redeem Codes] at the bottom of the side menu.
2. Enter the code and select [Redeem].
3. Tools or materials will be added to your account.

Instructions for those customers who do not have a PS4 console.

After the purchase of goods neo versa.

1. After payment on the site will be your code and instructions for use. Read the instructions carefully.
2. Go to and write to us (tab) to contact the seller.
3. Send all the information that is indicated in the instructions.


28.06.2020 23:31:51
заказываю коды не первый раз. рекомендую.
05.06.2020 21:16:37
заказываю такой код не первый раз именно из-за 2000 Vbucks
25.05.2020 8:43:26
Молодцы, оперативно, ребёнок доволен. В течении минуты пришёл код!
12.05.2020 7:47:35
класс.все быстро,без обмана!советую покупать у этого продавца!
09.05.2020 17:38:58
Лучшие !
30.04.2020 23:38:02
как всегда все отлично
29.04.2020 22:06:45
все отлично. не первый год работаю с этим продавцом. всегда все ок.
29.04.2020 14:45:40
Спасибо продавец отличный помог мне активировать код на пк всё класс рекомендую
24.04.2020 21:25:16
Все отлично. Спасибо.
12.04.2020 13:46:19
все супер рекомендую покупать тут все честно