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After activating the game, you get the opportunity to use our Microsoft Store account to play Sea of ​​Thieves. The game has online mode * which allows you to play online with your friends. You need to play from your Xbox Live account, this ensures that all achievements and progress will be only yours. The game has no regional restrictions.

Game Descriptions:
CAMPAIGN • The world is collapsing. Roy has taken control of the Coalition´s army of robots and is attacking human cities. Feeling the imminent danger, Kate Diaz is trying to find out the nature of his mysterious connection with Roy and soon learns that the real threat to Sera is herself.

Escape • Outsmart Roy and escape from the hive before the gas bomb kills you along with its inhabitants! "Escape" - a new dynamic mode of joint game, in which three players perform a suicidal task: they destroy the hive, penetrating his very heart.

CONFLICT • Let the strongest team win! Earn points to buy guns for them more powerful for arcade mode - a list of games for those who like fast, exciting and chaotic skirmishes. Offering 10 more modes on new and classic maps, “Confrontation” will delight all fans of rating battles, from ordinary players to professionals.

Horde • Can you and your four friends repel waves of an increasingly dangerous adversary

OS: The game works exclusively under Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1903 or higher (The game is not compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1).
Processor: Intel Q9450 / AMD Fhenom II X6
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 / AMD Radeon R7750 (DirectX 12 support required)
Disk Space: 40 GB
Microsoft Store application installed
Having an Xbox App Installed

1. Update windows to the new current version.
2. Delete your PIN at the time of activation (Windows Hello)
(*) Open "Parameters" (Win + I) => Accounts => Login Parameters.
Delete the PIN code if it is, activation is not possible with it!
3. Enable Windows Update (if turned off)
4. Log out of your Microsoft Store account and make sure that your computer meets the minimum game requirements.
5. Register or login to your XBox account. Whatever the chance, you are not logged into the purchased account. Since your achievements and passing can get off.
6. After that we buy goods.

1. Be sure to log out of your Microsoft Store account, and expand the application to full screen
2. Enable the activator RGH_Activate_Store.exe and enter the purchased activation key into the activator and press the "Activate" button.
3. The program will automatically go into your account. Do not touch the mouse and keyboard during operation. Otherwise, the program will not go into your account.
4. IMPORTANT! After entering the security code, a window may open with the heading "Everywhere use this account on the device". In it, click on the link "Microsoft applications only"
5. Download the game and play. For convenience, you can find the game through the search for the Microsoft Store application
* Online works and is guaranteed at the time of purchase. If Microsoft later blocks this feature, no claims will be accepted.


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