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PLEASE PLEASE 3 MINUTES OF YOUR ATTENTION AND BEFORE PURCHASING READ THE DESCRIPTION TO THIS PRODUCT COMPLETELY BECAUSE THERE WERE NO CLAIMS ON THE REASON: I DIDN´T UNDERSTAND IT, etc.>attBy purchasing this product you get access (login and password) to MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for 12-36 MONTHS (THIS IS NOT A TYPOGRAPHY) for playing on XBOX ONE (S, X) and on a PC.attentionAn Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account includes:
- Xbox Game Pass for consoles;
- Xbox Game Pass for PC;
- Xbox Live Gold;
- A library of games that includes 331 games. Of which 133 on PC and 225 on XBOX ONE and XBOX 360. Among them are games such as GEARS OF WAR 5: ULTIMATE, FORZA HORIZON 4, SEA OF THIEVES etc. The full list of games that are included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription can be viewed by clicking on the link New games are constantly being added. </ Attention >attentionAfter the purchase you will instantly receive:

1. Login + password from the account.
2. Detailed instructions for using my account! (If you have any problems using your account, write to the seller’s chat.)


29.06.2020 14:12:22
its working thanks
21.04.2020 19:09:39
03.04.2020 21:55:56
все четко !
31.03.2020 23:14:46
Доставка моментальная, продавец отвечает на вопросы оперативно. Пользоваться удобно, при этом играете с личного аккаунта.
По цене - за такую библиотеку лиц. игр это сущие копейки.
p.s. рекомендую приложение "xbox beta", намного удобнее, чем компаньон консоли xbox.
24.01.2020 17:56:06
Все шикарно работает , очень удобно и быстро , цена оправдана ???? !!!
Советую !!
06.01.2020 13:16:12
Надежный продавец! Постоянная быстрая поддержка продукта. Рекомендую всем
14.12.2019 17:17:03
Отличный продавец! Постоянная поддержка продукта. Быстрая связь. Рекомендую.
12.12.2019 19:19:01
Всё круто класс работоет
24.11.2019 16:16:02
22.11.2019 22:33:20
Все работает, продавец всегда на связи)