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Uploaded: 28.02.2021

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Seller: Kawaiilinka

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🔥 Tired of playing with standard items? Then you are here)
🔥 After payment, you instantly receive a Steam account with various items in the CS: GO game.
🔥 The account will be only yours, no one will ever restore it, since the account was created for boost and sale.
🎮 The account can be in the form of emai; pass login: pass, in addition to this, the account can have other games.✅ Inventory includes items CS: GO.
✅ Inventory consists of 3 to 200 items.
✅ All accounts Guaranteed accounts.
✅ All accounts without Steam locks.
✅ All accounts without phone bindings on Steam.
✅ All accounts without VAC blocking.
✅ All accounts with native mail.
✅ The cost of inventory is from $ 1./delivery


30.01.2021 19:01:28
Все красиво
27.01.2021 20:54:48
Nice +rep
01.01.2021 19:53:16
i tought accounts was prime :(
30.12.2020 11:30:02
account as described but its not worth it dont buy this you get e level 0 steam account with level 1 in csgo NO PRIME and 30+items of 3 cents that makes 1$. thats all dont recommend this seller
27.12.2020 22:56:06
mükemmel tavsiye ederim <3
23.12.2020 18:20:53
All good! Thanks!
09.12.2020 0:02:07
vey nice
07.12.2020 14:12:35
nice seller
23.11.2020 16:04:43
Заменили аккаунт почти на такой же , отличие в аккаунтах в том что просто скины , никакой прокачки ничего нет, ваше дело покупать тут или нет, не призываю никого не покупать у этого продавца , просто лично мое мнение, каждому своё по душе.
17.11.2020 22:01:56
Пришло быстро и качественно