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⏩ After payment you will receive an activation code Neo Versa + 2000 V-Bucks, an activation code will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. More information about the product will be presented below.*************************** *******************************
Title: Neo Versa + 2000 V-Bucks
Activation: PS4
Product Type: Activation Code
Game platforms: PC, PS4, XBOX
Validity: 12/31/2020
Warranties: Yes
**************************************************** ******⭐️ The reliability of your purchase is guaranteed by OUR STORE.
We are the largest store on the PLATI MARKET trading platform with over 3 years of experience. We are in the top 13 PLATI MARKET sellers.
📈 Our store has conducted over 50,000 sales on PLATI MARKET, 5,000 of which are with positive reviews and only 16 negative reviews. Another important indicator is our BUSINESS WEBMAN LEVEL (BLR) - 260 units, which is an indicator of webmoney activity.💬 Neo Versa - The epic costume of Neo Versa, the epic decoration on the back of Neo Frenzi, as well as a total of 500 baksa that you can spend in store for any things you are interested in.attention🔶 You can activate any number of Neo Versa + 2000 V-Bucks on one account, with the first purchase you will receive a skin and 2000 vbaks, and in subsequent activation you will receive only 2000 vbaks. You can activate these codes any number of times./attentionattention💎You can activate in Russia, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Denmark, Luxembourg, Croatia, France, New Zealand, Ukraine, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia , United Kingdom, Ireland, Oman, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, India, Malta, South Africa, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Spain, Austria, Australia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Turkey./attentionattention🔨 Activation Instructions:
1. Create or log into an existing Russian Sony Entertainment Network account by selecting PlayStation Network in the main menu of the PS3 / PS4 / PS Vita system.
2. Visit the PlayStation Store.
3. Select the "Redeem Codes" icon in the "Showcase" menu.
4. Enter the 12-digit code and select "Continue."
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to redeem the certificate received./attention/delivery


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Спасибо большое самый лучший продавец )