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Uploaded: 05.10.2020

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Seller: XboXPlay
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 5%
$10 the discount is 10%
$25 the discount is 15%
$50 the discount is 20%
The seller is not responsible for system updates to the console, which may lead to changes in the work ofWARNING

- Guaranteed comfortable game only in OFFLINE mode
- It is forbidden to play with the purchased account! (purchased account is used only for launching games)
- IT IS FORBIDDEN TO RESELL/EXCHANGE/TRANSFER data from the account to third parties!
- It is forbidden to change ANY account information!
- It is forbidden to make an account home!
- It is forbidden to change the region and protection information!
- It is forbidden to install on more than one console!
- It is forbidden to log in from the purchased account to (for security reasons)
- Launching trial versions of games is not possible

For violation of the rules, you can lose account without refund.attentionReplacement of the product is NOT done:

- After 12 months. from the moment of purchase
- Bought the product "by mistake"
- Did not like the goods
- Violation of the rules


05.10.2020 7:15:57
03.10.2020 14:59:24
Все отлично!
02.10.2020 20:13:37
Продавец красава. При регистрации попросили код, продавец быстро ответил и прислал мне код. Все работает, все без обмана.
23.09.2020 19:38:26
Trust seller A++++
15.09.2020 22:05:17
02.07.2020 0:23:06
20.06.2020 14:06:17
Все работает отлично
10.06.2020 0:58:48
Не первый раз приобретаю аккаунты, всё рабочее!!!!????
02.06.2020 7:00:50
Все отлично работает
01.06.2020 13:24:23
Все отлично, все работает