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By purchasing this product, you get an account with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, where in total access to the Game Pass will be 12 months< / delivery>
The account is only for activation, i.e. you should only play on your personal profile.
Access to the account is available to other people who have made a purchase of this account
The account is suitable for both PC and Xbox consoleYou buy an account - that is, you download the game from the purchased profile, and play on your own
Play Forza horizon 4, Sea of thieves, State of decay 2, The outer worlds as well as all games in the Ea Play subscription and many other games.
You can see the full list here: Check the compatibility of the games you want to run.
2. You must have Windows 10 installed with updates.
3. Log in to your personal profile in the Xbox Companion app
4. The data you receive must be entered in the Microsoft store app (not on the website, but in the Microsoft Store app for Windows 10) Do not forget to log out of your profile first.
5. A new password for each month will be sent to your email address (if you have an active subscription)
6. If your subscription has ended, you will not receive a new password
7. It is forbidden to change the password, it is my personal one. You will not be able to change it./deliveryAccess will work as long as there is such a possibility from Microsoft, when there is no such possibility, we do not accept claims!
deliveryfor positive feedback, you will receive a gift certificate of 15% of the purchase amount< / delivery>
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17.02.2021 10:33:52
the account works well and if there is a problem the seller responds quickly.
07.02.2021 18:54:56
все заработало
06.02.2021 22:04:51
the account have no game pass
15.01.2021 21:05:39
Хороший товар
01.12.2020 9:06:11
Всё работает исправно!
22.11.2020 12:44:01
все прошло успешно,спасибо!
30.10.2020 15:26:19
Все работает
01.10.2020 23:06:59
Всё работает отлично, спасибо.
22.08.2020 9:41:12
Всё норм.
11.08.2020 15:43:12
Все отлично работает.