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Activation: Steam / RU+CIS. Can be activated in Russia and CIS countries.
Localization: the following languages are Available: Russian, English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish (languages are switched in Steam).
Developer: The Creative Assembly.
Publisher: SEGA.
Edition: Standard.
Release date: November 30, 2011

Buying addition "Total War Shogun 2 Hattori Clan Pack DLC", you are guaranteed to receive a license activation key to the Steam platform immediately after payment. All keys are from the official supplier.

Attention! To access the content of the add-on requires the main game Total War: SHOGUN 2.

The Hattori Clan Pack includes all four exclusive add-ons previously included in the Collector´s edition of Total War: SHOGUN 2.


The Hattori clan are masters of the IgA-ryu ninjutsu — a unique collection of martial skills and guerrilla techniques. This additional in-game faction is available for use in single or multiplayer campaign modes and custom and multiplayer battles. This house is served by the best field ninjas.

The battle of Nagashino (historical battle), in which the Union of the ODA and Tokugawa houses opposed the legendary Takeda house in 1575. Takeda were defeated, but, as in all battles of the series Total War, the course of the battle and the fate of its participants in your hands, and in your power to repeat history... or rewrite it!

Special armor for the character - this full armor will give your commander a truly heroic appearance and put you in the service of "Bad omen", reducing the morale of enemy ashigaru (infantry), which will give you an invaluable advantage in online battles.

Additional experience for the character-your commander starts with a higher level, immediately receiving one point for the development of combat skills.

Minimum system requirements:

Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 / XP / Vista;
2 GHz Intel Dual Core/2.6 GHz Intel Single Core or equivalent AMD processor (with SSE2);
1GB (XP)/2GB (Vista/Windows 7) RAM;
20 GB of free hard disk space;
256MB video memory card compatible with DirectX 9.0 c and supporting Shader 3.0;
The screen resolution is not less than 1024x768;
Keyboard and mouse;
To activate the game you need an Internet connection, an account in Steam, as well as the main game Total War: SHOGUN 2.
Activation key:

1. Download and install Steam -
2. Register a new Steam account or log in to an existing one. Make sure you have activated the main game Total War: SHOGUN on your account 2. The main game can be purchased here:
3. Go to the "Library" section and in the lower left corner select "Add game", then "Activate on Steam".
4. To enter the key.
5. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games, and you can download it from Steam.

If you have any problems, do not rush to put a negative review, be sure to contact us and we will try To help you.



09.09.2022 3:37:54
Ключ получил, покупкой доволен, особенно в это голодное время на dlc к Сёгуну 2!