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2008 year.
Lack of power supply ... Sabotage ... Security breaches ... This is an information war.
To prevent these attacks, operatives must infiltrate the enemy base and forcibly retrieve important intelligence, being as close to the enemy as they have never been.
You are Sam Fisher, the best elite NSA agent. To complete your mission, you will kill at close range, attack enemies with your knife, shoot the prototype Earth Fighter assault rifle, and use special assassination techniques such as collapsing your neck. Also, you will take part in joint network missions, where coordination of actions is the key to success.
While the enemy is approaching, you should already be close to him.
Deadly Agility: A surprisingly large and varied set of different moves, including acrobatic, quiet movement, and silent kills.
Weapons of the Future: The most complete arsenal of weapons and gadgets, from the knife to the experimental Earth Fighter rifle.
As reality: never-before-seen graphics technology that delivers a beautiful picture on any system, an advanced physics engine that includes realistic physics, particle systems and excellent integration with the environment.
Strong challenge: intelligent artificial intelligence with personality and natural behavior, with which characters can remember past events and avoid various dangers.
Replayability: Fully open level design, allowing you to complete the game in multiple paths and complete a variety of side missions.
Co-op Play: Play online with friends and coordinate in new online operations.

Please note that online services for this game will not be supported as of early August 2016. Access to the multiplayer / cooperative game mode will be closed.
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