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$10 the discount is 1%
After payment, you will receive a code Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 days

You will receive the key in your personal account
Also, a link to the page with the key will be sent to your email address specified during the purchase.

Активации activation region-For any region-Region Free (Global), including Russia.
Digital 25-digit code. The Ultimate subscription includes:
- 14-day Xbox Live Gold subscription for Xbox One, 360 consoles
- 14-day Xbox Game Pass subscription for Xbox One consoles
- Xbox Game Pass PC subscription for 14 days for (Win 10)

Instructions for getting an additional free month from Microsoft.
The promotion is controlled by Microsoft itself - all responsibility remains with them.
We do not guarantee that the promotion may be valid at the time of purchase of this code. moreover, the promotion may expire at any time.
If you have previously received a bonus month on your account, Microsoft may refuse to give you 1 month for the promotion. (We recommend creating a new account).
To get an additional free month from Microsoft to your subscription, you need to:

1. Add a Bank card to your account.
2. in the Xbox mobile app, change the region to USA and the language to ENGLISH.
3. when you enter the key, you will receive a notification about the bonus month-screenshot

4. after receiving the bonus month, we recommend disabling auto-Renewal
Activate the XBOX GAME PASS code for PC in the XBOX app on Windows 10 to get
1. Download the XBOX app for Windows 10 -
2. The button "Redeem code" will appear by clicking on the avatar of your account, after you click SETTINGS

Activation on the Xbox One console:
1. Log in to your Microsoft account.
2. Tap the silver-green XBOX Guide launch button on your controller.
3. Open the Games tab.
4. Select "Activate code" and enter the code.

Activation on the Xbox 360 console:
1. Activate this key via the Xbox app on iOS or Android, or via the browser on the page REMASTERED (XBOX ONE)🌎 - can find other products here :


25.09.2020 15:55:07
Код действителен,всё чётко!
25.09.2020 12:14:45
Всё отлично, рекомендую продовца.
25.09.2020 10:09:59
Все отлично
24.09.2020 21:31:53
Все прошло отлично!!!. Месяц плюсом активировал через XBOX. Главное язык английский и регион США.
24.09.2020 17:50:01
Код использован
24.09.2020 14:24:52
Активировал без проблем.
24.09.2020 11:49:33
Все круто
23.09.2020 23:28:25
всё ок
23.09.2020 19:32:24
Всё отлично !
23.09.2020 17:52:53
it´s work thanks