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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$3 the discount is 1%
$15 the discount is 3%
$35 the discount is 7%
$50 the discount is 10%
$100 the discount is 15%
$200 the discount is 20%
$300 the discount is 25%
$700 the discount is 30%
⚡ How to change NICKNAME ? ⚡✅ Go to the site http://mojang.com
✅ Look at the line Minecraft
✅ Near the button we see the "Change" button
✅ Enter your new nickname.

✅ Go to the site http://minecraft.net
✅ We pass authorization with the data we bought from us
✅ Then in the upper right corner click on your login
✅ Select "PROFILE"
✅ We see the line with the choice of skin - choose skin
✅ Click the "Reset skin" button below.attentionImportant!/attention📍 Change of nickname is possible ONCE in THREE months
📍 The chance that you will come across a non-working account is extremely small, but recently there have been more cases of fraud on the part of buyers, so we ask all our buyers to record a video from the moment of purchase until the moment they log in and verify their account. The video should not contain any splices, trims, or interruptions, the date and time should also be visible. Videos are your WARRANTY. WITHOUT THIS VIDEO - CLAIMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
📍 When buying this product, make sure you read the instructions and know what to do after receiving the product.
📍 Access to mail - not provided.
📍 Change of mail or password - not provided. If you try, the warranty will be void.
📍 The warranty implies the replacement of the goods in case of inoperability within 4
months from the date of purchase.
📍 Access to the Hypixel server is not guaranteed
📍 If you are not satisfied with the conditions - do not purchase this product, we do not make returns.


18.04.2021 14:00:24
Хороший продавец, все быстро!
11.02.2021 12:22:56
Very easy to use, the account comes right to your email. The seller is also very nice I had a problem with the account and the next day i allready got a replacement :)
24.01.2021 11:17:10
The item arrived instantly if it was incorrectly changed right away.
17.01.2021 12:02:52
Very helpful
17.01.2021 0:10:06
Password or gmail was incorect but seller gave new log in and it worked
16.01.2021 5:27:06
Данные прислали моментально по запросу сменили без пробоем
15.01.2021 17:34:47
the first accounts does not work but i write to seller and he give me another one
15.01.2021 1:26:11
Не входило в аккаунт, но продавец заменил на другой
14.01.2021 22:29:34
14.01.2021 1:55:27
Работает быстро и качественно, если есть проблема отвечают мгновенно)