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And so that you only buy from me-here´s a personal discount 6363CF311D1A4165 :)
First, you download the files with the licensed game from the torrent (the game is not hacked, the purchased license is on our account!), then You log in to your account through our activator, following the instructions.
Check your PC for compliance with the game´s technical requirements. If your PC doesn´t match those. requirements of the game - we are not responsible for any problems.

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if the activator is not working properly, or there is another problem with your account, we work through Anydesk.

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28.10.2020 1:36:59
so far so good,it s downloanding,i hope it will work well too
love to all of u
Edit Someone messes with he password and the account i paid for is no more longer av,dont buy from here
Edit 2 Everything works fine,just the game activator crashes sometimes.
03.09.2020 17:50:23
Возникли проблемы со входом , продавец оперативно помог .
30.08.2020 18:05:20
Хороший акк)
28.08.2020 13:54:59
Установил успешно все без обмана
30.07.2020 1:35:23
Отличный товар.НЕ ОБМАН.наконецто смогу сыграть в рдр2
10.07.2020 19:46:14
Все круто
10.06.2020 22:40:11
10.06.2020 19:15:04
Все работает
18.05.2020 17:21:05
Хороший продавец.
07.05.2020 13:50:33
Хороший отзывчивый продавец, товар хороший))