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29.03.2021 18:48:37
Thank you bro
04.07.2020 8:42:22
14.05.2020 8:11:26
Received the account instantly with just as described.
10.05.2020 8:46:30
Very quick and legit seller would buy again
09.05.2020 12:29:03
Все пришло!
Медалька есть!
Спасибо огромное!
Надеюсь акк действительно ваш и не уйдет от меня
08.05.2020 2:11:16
I buy it have 10-5 veteran coins in csgo and hl platinium pack and full acs ITS very niceee
06.05.2020 2:15:30
Good seller
05.05.2020 15:11:30
Спасибо. Данные все поменял на свои, аккаунт рабочий.
04.05.2020 18:21:34
Good seller, best!
18.04.2020 16:54:52
+rep, the account worked as advertised, I am really happy, but the account is older than I am and, someone in a game told me that.