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Platform: PC
Activation: Origin
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Language: English
Region: All countries
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BATTLEFIELD V invites you to take part in the largest military conflict in the history of mankind. The series returns to its roots, portraying World War II in a whole new light. Engage in large-scale, realistic online skirmishes as you fight alongside your squad in modes such as Grand Operations that will amaze you with the scope of what is happening, and Co-op Battles with friends, or follow the fate of individual people against the backdrop of a global confrontation in "War stories" single player game. The developers transferred weapons, equipment and equipment as detailed as possible - everything in the game is animated and voiced with high quality.
BATTLEFIELD V will delight with a large number of maps for up to 64 players, truly epic battles with vehicles and fantastic graphics at the level of Hollywood action movies of class A. Take part in the epic tragedy of the 20th century and change the course of history in Battlefield V.

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Key activation:

1. Download and install the Origin EA App program. (
2. Launch EA App.
3. Go to your account section to activate the product:
4. Enter the key received after payment.
5. After activating the game, a tab will appear with your profile and a list of activated games.
6. Select BATTLEFIELD V and press "Start".
7. Download and install the game.


26.01.2023 6:42:45
Все как всегда великолепно, советую этого продавца
25.01.2023 18:23:26
Оплатил и моментально получил ключ. Всё работает быстро и качественно, была проблема, но с продавцом быстро её решили. Это была первая моя покупка и она меня очень порадовала.
23.01.2023 15:13:18
Все супер! Пришел моментально!
16.01.2023 0:46:54
Все пришло, спасибо продавцу)
07.01.2023 17:00:01
Отлично! Пришло очень быстро!
07.01.2023 14:29:42
ключ пришел сразу. спасибо продавцу за низкую цену
30.12.2022 23:31:49
Всё отлично!
29.12.2022 13:49:21
все бысто скинул деньги пришол ключ !!хочу подарок
26.12.2022 15:18:40
Все отлично
25.12.2022 22:17:18
Активация ключа прошла успешно, ключ был доставлен моментально. Спасибо.