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Region: you can activate and play in Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries
Be sure to read the system requirements on the official website of the game before buying
Activation system:

Instruction manual:
1. Register on the site or log in to an existing account
2. In the upper right corner of the site, click on the "Profile" button and select " ACTIVATE PROMO CODE"
3. After activation, go to "profile" and download the game client
4. Log in to the client under the account that you activated the key for and install the game itself

Immediately after payment You will receive a license key for the game Escape from Tarkov Standart (Escape from Tarkov) with bonuses:
1. Guaranteed instant access to the closed beta version
2. Digital copy of the game for pre-loading
3. Basic cache (10x26 cells)
4. Additional equipment at the start, including:
Knife (Bayonet ER)
X2 discharge vests (depend on the selected fraction)
Backpack x2 (MBSS-4x4))
Protected container (2x2 cells)
Rook gun or P226 x3 (depending on the selected faction)
Pistol magazines x9
Pistol ammunition x180
Makarov pistol x3
Pistol magazines x9
Pistol ammunition x150
Canned meat x4
Bottled water x3
First aid KIT AI-2 x6
Bandage x6
Bus x6
300,000 rubles
AKS74U + 2 magazines with cartridges


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