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Uploaded: 07.06.2022

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🎁 About Account:
✅ Account has Prime Status
✅ Account created specifically for sale
✅ You will receive all data from your account, including mail.
✅ You can play with your friends online.
✅ All accounts are Region Free

Attention!!! The presence of inventory, Steam levels, access to the trading platform, the ability to add to friends and groups, the balance of the wallet, the presence of other paid games are not guaranteed and are not a prerequisite, if something gets into your account, this is your bonus !!!

Dear customers! In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is now necessary to record the fact of purchasing the goods on the video, the video should start BEFORE payment, (the video should show the system time on your computer) and end after the moment you log in to the email / account on the provided data. Customer complaints regarding incorrect data will be considered only if the buyer provides a video in which the purchase of the goods and an attempt to enter using the purchased data will be captured. These rules apply to everyone. Seller reserves the right to refuse support without providing this video.
💡 After payment you will receive a text file:
✅ login, password from the Steam account.
✅ login, password from Mail.
✅ I don’t do returns, please read the Description!

Attention Important information!
DO NOT top up your balance or link payment details due to new restrictions on Steam. (but it is possible through third-party sites, where it is even cheaper)
If you ignore these rules, your account may get banned by the community for suspicious actions! In this case, there will be no replacement!


05.06.2022 14:45:02
Спасибо продавцу.Моментально получил логин и почту, ксго с праймом
15.05.2022 15:59:55
Товар был получен сразу, все хорошо! Акк пустой, только кс с праймом
08.05.2022 5:51:10
Всё пришло. Аккаунт имеет Prime, хоть в личной статистике и нет данных о Prime (в самой игре есть зелёная иконка прайма). Не скам.
06.03.2022 13:33:59
всё сразу подошло советую к приобретению товара у данного продавца
02.03.2022 5:52:17
Аккаунт дали с гта 5, очень классный продавец который ответит за несколько секунд!
01.01.2022 17:08:27
Аккаунт сразу же был рабочий, рекомендую!
31.12.2021 15:28:41
Товар хороший. Аккаунт чистый прайм есть всё класс. Рекомендую :)
29.12.2021 15:14:13
Всё супер
02.12.2021 20:24:09
Ранее покупал у данного продавца, аккаунт никто не утащил. Беру уже второй или третий раз. Благодарен за добропорядочность
23.11.2021 22:22:12
Все работает