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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 1%
$15 the discount is 2%
$30 the discount is 4%
$50 the discount is 5%
Attention! Due to the transition of Mojang to Microsoft accounts from 2021, the account may stop working! Claims are not accepted!

How to change the NICK ❓:
1. Go to the website and log in to the site.
2. We look at the line minecraft
3. Near the nickname we see the button "Change"
4. Enter your new nickname.

How to change SKIN ❓:
1. Go to the site
2. We pass authorization using data purchased from us
3. Next, in the upper right corner, click on your login.
4. Select the item "PROFILE"
5. We see the line with the choice of the skin - choose the skin.
6. Click below on the button "Reset skin"

📃 Agreement 📃:
◽ By purchasing this product, you automatically agree with these points:

▪ After payment you will receive data such as: "Login; password" + secret questions are not set.
▪ Log in to your account through the official launcher, which can be downloaded on the website:
▪ All accounts have a 5 days warranty. In case of failure of the account, write to us in personal correspondence and we will solve your problem.
▪ If you try to change the password (mail) on the account - the warranty is automatically canceled. Claims are not accepted.
▪ For an attempt to deceive, slander and inadequate attitudes towards the seller - such buyers RIGHT IN THE BLACK LIST (ban on further purchases)

◽ If you do not agree with something, then please do not buy the product.


16.01.2021 19:09:56
сначало дали с баном на хайпикселе,но быстро заменил.Доволен
04.01.2021 17:50:13
good seller
20.11.2020 13:54:28
всё прекрасно. Спустя миллиард дней акк не сп... Не украли.
23.09.2020 6:15:26
good seller replaced email