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The SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Pack includes the hit SimCity 4 and the new SimCity 4 Rush Hour add-on. Create huge cities with a private sector, sleeping areas, high-tech business centers and industrial zones. Take control of the city’s transport system and complete U-Drive-It missions, from battles with criminals to fighting disasters. Let the population of your city grow at an incredible speed, create a vibrant and active metropolis using the best city simulator - SimCity 4.


Simcity 4
- Create several cities at once - build a transport system connecting several cities, and watch how they will exchange resources and compete with each other.
- Use the power of God - change the landscape as you wish to create the world from your imagination, and then send earthquakes, tornadoes, meteorites and severe thunderstorms to it.
- Become the best mayor - build a first-class city with stadiums, airports, universities and attractions.
- Live with the townspeople - feel the rhythm of the city, a long way to work or easy walks, crowds of people at rush hour or night silence.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour
- U-Drive-It - take control of cars, helicopters or ambulances. Turn on the police siren and catch the hijackers, or track down bank robbers by helicopter. Stand guard, complete tasks and get new buildings and cars as a reward.
- New exciting transportation opportunities - create one-way streets like in San Francisco, New York´s wide avenues, Tokyo high-speed monorails, and more.
- New building sets - build your city on the basis of completely new building sets in a modern European style or use the original SimCity 4 sets: Chicago of the 1890s, New York of the 1940s and Houston of the 1990s.
- New training and difficulty levels - now starting a game is much easier thanks to four new stages of training. In addition, you can now set the difficulty level of the game.
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