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🚀 Immediately after payment, you will receive a license activation code for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for 13 months (365 30 days) for the Russia region.

📌 The key will be available in your personal account at, registration will be automatically sent to the email specified during the purchase.

🟢 Suitable for activation on new accounts and where there was a subscription before (there MUST NOT BE ANY ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION).
🟢 Suitable for activation on PC (Win 10) and Xbox Series X consoles | S and Xbox One.
🟢 Activates without changing the region, without VPN and other difficulties.
🌎 Activation region - Russia (Need a Russian account and a Russian IP address for activation).
🌎 Microsoft does not allow you to activate the key in Crimea. (There are instructions on the Internet, but we do not guarantee the possibility of activation and do not accept claims).
🔴 We do not guarantee the possibility of activation via VPN and performance outside the Russian Federation (WE DO NOT ACCEPT CLAIMS!)
👉 List of available games:

📌 Description:
Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Live Gold and unlimited access to over 100 high-quality console and PC games.

The catalog of games is constantly updated, so you will always find something interesting for yourself in a variety of genres. Members can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts. Play with your friends on the most advanced multiplayer network, discover new games and new experiences.

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12.05.2022 22:23:15
Высылают 2 ключа. Сначала активировал Live, потом Ultimate.
Делал на уже созданном аккаунте, где ранее была подписка Ultimate (но на момент активации уже закончилась).
Хочу подарок
25.04.2022 19:46:58
все супер, пришло сразу
активировал 2 кода и получил 13 месяцев ульты :)
12.11.2021 18:31:36
13.01.2021 21:35:00
Код пришёл монеты получил советую
19.07.2020 15:47:15
I want a gift
20.05.2020 10:49:12
Хочу подарок
30.04.2020 12:35:02
ключ получил
30.04.2020 9:27:45
Активировал ключ, хочу подарок
25.04.2020 20:49:32
24.04.2020 11:37:27
Спасибо! Ключ получил и активировал.