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New from Valve — the makers of Counter-Strike, Half-Life and more — Left 4 Dead is a new game for PC and Xbox 360 that features an epic battle between four Survivors and hordes of countless zombies and horrific mutant Boss Zombie. .
The action takes place immediately after the long-awaited apocalypse that turned everyone into zombies. The four surviving heroes will fight for their lives, finding themselves either in an unknown city, or somewhere far beyond its borders, while their surroundings will constantly change, like scenes from a movie. In each scene of the "movie" proposed by the creators, four heroes have to perform one or another task; both one and four players can play, for each plot they are offered five cards.
The new dynamic system, called "AI Director" by the developers, changes the course of the game depending on how the players behave, adjusting the level of difficulty. As in Hollywood films, new monsters appear from everywhere, the sound and the surrounding reality change - it all depends on how the playing team acts.
The release of Left 4 Dead for PC and Xbox 360 is scheduled for November this year, this version will include new game modes that can take part in several players at once.
Addictive team game from the creators of Counter-Strike and Half-Life
Improved technology will give you a lot of impressive moments, meeting friendly and not-so-friendly monsters, and also guarantee that you can enjoy the game both alone and with several participants.
20 new cards. 10 new weapons. Four "movies" with a twisted plot
The ability to arrange fights, compile various statistics and ratings, as well as a reward system - all this makes the game in a team even more interesting
The developer commentary mode will allow participants to get "behind the scenes" of the game
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