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Publication type: Rockstar Games Social Club Key (key) / REGION FREE

ATTENTION! This key is intended for activation in the Rockstar Games Social Club service (NOT IN STEAM). Keys purchased by mistake cannot be exchanged or returned.

This edition has no regional restrictions and is activated in any country in the world

Game language: Russian (subtitles interface) / English
Release date: December 5, 2019
Platform: Windows
Region: Region Free (any country, no restrictions)
Activation: Rockstar Games Social Club

The publication includes:

• Red Dead Redemption 2
• Red Dead Redemption 2 - Online

America, 1899

Arthur Morgan and other henchmen of Dutch van der Linde are forced to go on the run. Their gang will take part in thefts, robberies and shootings in the heart of America. Behind them are federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the country, and the gang itself is torn apart by internal contradictions. Arthur will have to choose what is more important to him: his own ideals or loyalty to the people who raised him.

The bundle includes new content for the Story Mode, a full photo mode and access to co-op play in the world of Red Dead Online, allowing players to find their place in the Wild West. You can track dangerous criminals as a bounty hunter, develop your own business as a merchant, look for unique treasures as a collector, open an underground alcohol production as a moonshiner, and much more.

Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC harnesses the power of today´s computers to bring every corner of this vast, richly detailed world to life. Graphic and technical improvements include increased draw distance; improvements to the global illumination system and diffuse shading, providing a more realistic change in the time of day; improved reflections and higher resolution shadows at all distances; tessellation of tree bark textures and higher quality grass and fur textures, due to which animals and plants look even more naturalistic.

In addition, Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC supports HDR, 4K resolutions and above, multi-monitor configurations, widescreen monitors, higher frame rates, and more.


1. You need to download the Rockstar Games Launcher from the official website and install it. Link -
2. Launch the application and log in to your account, or create a new one
3. In the upper right corner, click on the account icon, click on the "Use code" button, enter the purchased key and click "Check"
4. After activation, the game will appear in the application library
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23.01.2023 0:28:21
Впечатления смешанные по началу.
Сайт, если честно, выглядит дёшево и не внушал доверия по началу. Выглядит он плохо по крайней мере на телефоне, на компе сносно. Конкретно это и смущало, ибо до этого я не пользовался этим сайтом, и было ощущение, что сайт - однодневка. За неимением лучшего, ибо ключи на регион Республики Беларусь больше нигде не было (либо цены заоблочные), я всё таки решился на покупку в этом магазине. Признаюсь, сильно волновался, ибо до этого я закупался на заке. Финал сей истории таков - РДР2 теперь в моей библиотеке social club. Остаётся каких-то 3 часа до окончания загрузки.
Какой можно сделать вывод? Магазин - надёжный сайт, где можно купить ключи игр, не боясь развода.
Спасибо вам, ребята, что вы есть и удачи вам!
03.01.2023 20:33:41
Всё отлично, не кинули
03.01.2023 19:49:58
Пожалуй единственный нормальный магазин по продаже таких вещей в наше время
22.09.2020 18:38:59
everything ok, no key problems :) ++