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Age of legends and great heroes. One spark is enough to break out a war that will stir up the whole world. Daring Paris, prince of Troy, kidnaps Elena the Beautiful from Sparta. The curses of Helen´s husband, Tsar Menelaus, fly in the wake of his ship. He vows to get his wife back, whatever the cost!
The game was inspired by Homer´s Iliad, a romantic and bloody poem. A Total War Saga: TROY is based on the key events of the Trojan War, which show the conflict from a new angle.
TROY allows you to look at the legendary war from both sides: the Greek and the Trojan, and see through the gilding of myths the reality that the storytellers of antiquity sang in their poems.
Fight to save or conquer Troy as one of eight iconic heroes, including the infamous Achilles, Hector´s noble protector, the wayward prince Paris, and the vengeful king Menelaus.
In the best traditions of the A Total War series, where turn-based control of a massive empire is combined with spectacular real-time battles, your actions can change the outcome of a war. Use strategy, diplomacy and power solutions to build your own empire in a stunningly large-scale digital reconstruction of the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean.
Inspired by famous creatures from Greek myths, you can summon mythical fighters in the midst of battle, including warriors that resemble Minotaurs, Cyclops, Giants and Centaurs.

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