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You can buy multiple keys and activate your subscription for up to 36 months! And then activate the Ultimate subscription and everything is converted to the maximum subscription from Microsoft.

Xbox Game Pass is a game subscription for Xbox One, Xbox Play Anywhere, and Xbox 360 (Backward Compatible) for Xbox One consoles. An active subscription is required to access the games. The games included in the subscription may change over time, may vary by country, and may not be available in all countries.
So far it works. The seller is not responsible for future performance. As soon as it stops working (if possible), this entry will be edited.🔥 How to cheaply get 12/18/24/36 months XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE subscription using these keys *: 🔥1. Create a new Microsoft account.
2. Add a new European address (for example United Kingdom) on the page:
2.1 Do not forget to tick "Set as primary shipping and billing address"
3. Add a debit or credit card for payment in the United Kingdom at:
4. Go to and change your country to the United Kingdom
5. Go to Enter the purchased XBOX GAME PASS codes for PC (Do not uncheck the "recurring payments" checkbox upon activation). For each code, you will receive 1.5 months of XBOX Game Pass (14 days for the key itself, another 1 month for a recurring payment)
5.1 Make sure you get the subscription for the required number of months on this page
6. At the end, enter 1 more XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE key (for 14 days or for a month) to convert the subscription to XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE (you can buy it on, or from Microsoft, or on any other site)
7. Now you can cancel auto-renewal on the site./delivery


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Купил несколько кодов. Все рабочие.
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Быстро и качественно!