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Uploaded: 28.08.2021

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✅If you have problems with your payment - please use or Intercassa as payment methond.✅

WE WILL PERFORM Challenge and get you rewards.
Can be done by booster(skilled player) or leveled up by bot (special software, acc should be free 24\7). Preferable to buy hand done boost.
Bot processing time is aprox 6-8 days (depends on tanks you have). High risk of ban using bot. No moneyback for stages done if banned for botting.
Orders taken 30 August and after we will fullfill as much as we can. The undone part will be given as a moneyback.

Required for the service:
- Make an order
- The presence of tanks of level 9-10 on the account
- Stock of silver (3-5+ millions)
- Send a unique product code.

Tier IX Premium Powered by Sabaton! Earn the Unique Tank and Enjoy the Band´s New Video

Be sure to click the checkbox next to the unique code that you trust the seller and provide a unique code, or send a unique product code to us after payment. The code will be provided to you after payment.
Be sure to discuss your tanks before paying.
Be sure to send a unique product code to chat with the operator or chat to the order after payment.
Check the execution time with the operator if the timing is important to you.

We do not use prohibited mods , all boost is done only by our professional gamers (boosters).Refund :
If the order is not done through our fault - 100% refund.
If the acc is banned for bot - there is no refund for stages done.
If the order is not done through your fault, there is no return.
By ordering a service, you agree to these terms.
You are welcome! Please leave your feedback after purchase, to do it go to the "My Purchases" section on the site , enter the mail that you used during the purchase. choose the order you have done, and leave it in "FEEDBACK" section.

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Boosting stats: WN8, RAITING, EFF, DAMAGE
Getting 1-3 MoE
Silver farm
Farm experience

Missions CHIMERA
Missions 279
Missions T55a
Missions Ob.260


Processing Time: The operator works from 8:00 to 20:00 MSK.! Important. If you have made and paid the order after 20.00 MSK, remember, your order will be the first in line in the morning, as soon as we will continue to work, it will be processed .
Run time: Our professional players work 24\7. Important. If you need an account at a specific time, be sure to indicate this in the order.


14.09.2021 16:40:04
все хорошо
06.09.2021 19:19:03
Все супер
06.09.2021 11:15:11
все супер!
05.09.2021 17:46:01
Выполнено в срок, спасибо что успели, на вопросы все ответили!
05.09.2021 13:39:36
Заказ выполнили в полном объеме. Правда была небольшая задержка во времени, но это не страшно. В целом всем доволен, спасибо!
04.09.2021 19:42:08
Заказывал 5 этапов. Чутка затянули со сроками, но за то ВН8 апнули, прошли немало этапов Боевого пропуска и подняли отметки на танках.
04.09.2021 13:35:03
Все отлично, сделали вовремя
03.06.2021 10:46:10
31.05.2021 16:58:31
Огромное спасибо, выполнено всё быстро и качественно, ещё получил приятным бонусом 11кк. Рекомендую!
31.05.2021 15:30:00
Выполнили все очень быстро, спасибо!