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Interpresservis • Book House Minsk 2002

UDC 1.038 87.ya2 BBK I90

A series of "World Encyclopedia 'was founded in 2000

The exclusive right to publish the encyclopedia "History of Philosophy" belongs to the publishing house "Interpresservis." Release of the product, and use of its individual parts without the permission of the publisher is illegal and punishable by law.

Compiled and chief science editor

AA Gritsanov

Scientific editors: TG Rumyantsev, MA Mozheyko Executive secretary and editor of AI Mertsalova EM Babosov -I.I. Zhbankova


- Doctor of Philosophy, AG Egorov - Doctor of Philosophy,

- PhD, SV Bruises - Doctor of Philosophy, AV Slavin - Ph.D.

I90 Philosophy History Encyclopedia. - Mn .: Interpresservis

; Book House. 2002 - 1376 p. - (World encyclopedias).

ISBN 985-6656-20-6. ISBN 985-428-461-1.


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