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Needed to play all Chinese games (many games are released in China first), as well as for study and business correspondence.
This account cannot be created outside of China.
This WeChat account will be created for you personally.
After creating an account, the seller informs you in the correspondence window and with his help you activate it on your device and use it freely.
1) It is not recommended to use the emulator. Since WeChat does not allow the use of android emulators, it may freeze the account.
2) Do not rush to change the data after receiving an account. WeChat may consider this a hack and freeze the account as well. According to the new WeChat rules, changing the password on an account is allowed no earlier than 180 days after the account was created.
By following our tips, you will get a fully working WeChat account.

Attention! Since September 5, 2022, account registration has become much more complicated, more time is needed for this. Therefore, before buying, be sure to contact the seller with a message. The operator during the daytime is usually online. There may be a slight delay in the response (up to 30 minutes). Before paying, fill out the form with a phone number.
When choosing a bank card, the service commission is 20, then in the absence of webmoney, the lowest commissions will be when choosing Enot.io (then choose a bank card or another 12 payment methods).


31.12.2022 12:56:04
Все отлично! Рекомендую!
09.11.2022 11:25:25
Всё ок. Можете смело брать.
08.11.2022 6:35:42
Быстро и все отлично работает
21.09.2022 14:50:29
все хорошо, акк рабочий, все быстро сделали и объяснили.
09.09.2022 19:04:46
Все прошло отлично, спасибо большое за помощь
31.08.2022 21:18:21
Продавец супер . Очень помогает клиентам )
29.08.2022 16:06:17
I highly recommend and fast transaction.
15.08.2022 10:49:09
Все хорошо, успешно зарегистировался, продавца рекомендую
20.06.2022 12:19:57
Все четко, сделали аккаунт вичат быстро и без заморочек
04.05.2022 20:49:43
Все работает