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Uploaded: 05.10.2021

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You buy a STEAM account with the game Squad.

- After the purchase, you will be given a username and password from the steam account.
- After installation, you can play online.
- Mail and password can not be changed. (your account remains forever)

Please leave a positive review after successful purchase of your account, and get a money certificate!

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For all questions, you can contact those support.
1. Download the Steam client from the official site and install.
2. Install and run the game

Please leave a positive review after a successful account purchase!

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12.10.2021 15:07:55
все гуд, правда пришлось немного подождать
25.09.2021 18:26:16
всегда очень милые и отзывчивые!
25.08.2021 3:20:51
19.08.2021 13:07:23
25.04.2021 15:32:09
Все супер! рекомендую.
05.11.2020 15:00:56
Все отлично. Поддержка так же работает в случае проблем.
04.11.2020 13:39:54
Got it right away, Region Free .

Seller recommended.
21.10.2020 1:23:13
good seller
18.10.2020 0:30:35
thanks bro
15.10.2020 12:29:16
This works fine for me, for a very good price.

This one has no email-account included, so it´s not possible to change your account credentials, unfortunately.
I now see that they also wrote that in the item description, so just be aware of this fact, before buying.

Also it seems not to be possible to family share the account, at least it did not work for me. It might be a restriction of the game itself (Squad).

For the price I am content, though.