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We provide services for the purchase of caps the game Escape from Tarkov!
Very low prices, instant delivery.

Please check the availability of cash from the operator before purchasing.

Delivery time : delivery time from 5 minutes to 12 hours after all necessary information is provided. On average, the waiting time does not exceed 30 minutes.
It is recommended to write not only in the chat but also in Skype (contacts are listed in the information about the seller)

After paying for the product, You will receive a unique 16-digit pin code of the purchase, which YOU must INFORM the OPERATOR using your preferred form of communication: online chat, skype, along with the name of your character.


Please note that all services for purchasing game currency are provided at your own risk. The purchase of game currency itself is prohibited by the game rules and the game administration has the right to take the purchased game currency from you or even block your account. By purchasing this product, you agree to these rules and should be aware of this.


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