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Dear customers.
We sell FIFA 21 gold in any quantity!

•Fast delivery
•Low price

Delivery method (comfort):
•to transfer, you need to tell me your username and password.
•The essence of the method is to set an expensive player from one account at its minimum price and buy from another account. Then sell it at the market price and thus make a profit. This method is the most secure for transferring coins.

Information on delivery:
•Before paying, please contact us and check availability.
•For leaving a positive review before sending data bonus +5% of coins, that is, the game tax is covered (you must tell me that you want to get a bonus)
* Delivery time from 10 minutes to 24 hours, average delivery time is 10-60 minutes.
If you are in doubt, just specify the delivery time on the server you are interested in from the operator.

If you have closed the market ( Keep this in mind when paying for the product!
If a refund is requested for a closed market in the web application , you will lose the Commission of the payment system when making a refund

Please note that all services for purchasing game currency are provided at your own risk. The purchase of game currency itself is prohibited by the game rules and the game administration has the right to take the purchased game currency from you or even block your account. By purchasing this product, you agree to these rules and should be aware of this.


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