10.05.2021 16:15:55
work for now
07.05.2021 22:58:04
I was downloading the game and someone else entered the account. And ubisoft account has been closed. Then I ran the activation application but it said your code has been expired. And now I can´t download the game. *Update Owner of account helped me to reach the game. Everything is fine. Thank you. *Update I can´t play the game. Whenever I run the offline activator then my keyboard disappears. I recorded a video.I can´t control my keyboard expect the windows button.There is no problem when I do not open the application. But whenever I open the app then there is a problem. Sometimes my keyboard disconnects in the game, sometimes it is on the desktop. But if I play other games or browse the desktop without opening the application, it´s okay. It is my one of my several issue. I want to get my money back! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNJep9fdiCw
07.05.2021 18:38:52
Bruh system ım not open any exe.
06.05.2021 18:48:20
all good its working well
27.04.2021 3:28:23
Very good seller, the product is perfect. The salesman and listening in case of problem Good and Good
23.04.2021 2:21:05
thats good i like it and he was fast
17.04.2021 21:04:42
fast service.
21.03.2021 19:22:08
All working fine, seller is a god he helped me switching savegames from another account
19.03.2021 5:26:07
Instant delivery and working game!
18.03.2021 23:12:35
Trusted seller i recomand