11.03.2021 15:25:18
09.03.2021 19:03:08
Спасибо продавцу за данный товар, были проблемы с активацией ключа, но всё решили и всё сработало, 2 товар покупаю, проблем не каких нет, всем советую!
08.03.2021 5:12:56
Item worked as described- game plays successfully. The guide was very thorough and all required was there, however the translation to english was not clear, or the instructions were just not easy to understand if someone has not done a procedure activation offline like this before. still a good review, il be back for more! thanks.
03.03.2021 19:50:31
No problems following instructions
26.02.2021 14:55:47
The seller delivered the activation as promised. Good customer service and good seller. Don´t think twice to buy the activation from him. He is good. Thank you so much 😚
25.02.2021 20:38:17
все работает рекомендую
25.02.2021 2:04:10
This seller deserves every single positive vote they get. They helped me with an issue that was totally about my fault. Everything works just as promised. 10/10
24.02.2021 22:21:30
working perfectly nice
24.02.2021 1:30:16
fast activation, no problems <3
22.02.2021 17:09:41
Great Seller ! Best Item, Very Best customer support ! I´ve bought it from him several times, but I´ve never been disappointed !