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⚡Instant delivery of a new Steam account after payment to your EMAIL. More detailed information about the product is provided belowName: New Steam account (zero hours, you will be the first owner)
Account type: STEAM (new)
Account data: All data can be changed to your own
Set: Login and password from the account, access to mail.
Account region and currency: Argentina and Argentine Peso (ARS)
Warranty: Yes, 24 hours from the date of purchase🔶We sell exclusively new Steam accounts. There are zero hours on the account, the profile is not configured, no actions were carried out. You will be the first owner of this account and will be able to change any data from the account to your own immediately after purchase, there are no restrictions for this, use the account immediately after purchase!attention🔶 Please do not leave negative feedback before contacting the seller through the "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" section. First of all, don´t worry, describe the problem you are facing and attach a photo/video. We will reply to you as soon as the support agent is online (but no more than 24 hours). As practice shows, in most cases the problem is a small misunderstanding, which is solved quite simply and quickly./attention/deliverydeliveryattention► Would you like to buy games cheaper all year round?

Surely you´ve heard that games are cheaper in the Argentine Steam store? Yes, if you also buy during sales, some games can be snatched for pennies. For example: On 11/17/2020, the RUST game in the Argentine store costs 420 rubles instead of 725 rubles in the Russian store, and RAFT 215 rubles instead of 420 rubles. The benefits are obvious! In our store we offer you to buy new Steam accounts registered in Argentina and with ARS currency. After payment, you will immediately get access to your account and will be able to change all the data to your own. Don´t worry, the accounts are registered legally, you will be the first owner. We provide an extended warranty for retail customers, during the warranty period you can decide for yourself whether you need this account or not and return it if it is refundable (not all accounts are refundable after purchase, more detailed information can be seen after payment or request in the chat from the store support). WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for post-sale and post-warranty service. We do not store data from the account after its sale for more than 7 days, we will not be able to help after this period, since all data is deleted without the possibility of recovery. There is no refund or replacement of the account after the expiration of the warranty period!/attention


25.06.2022 1:55:00
Все отлично.
25.06.2022 0:40:50
Всё отлично!Спасибо
24.06.2022 18:33:07
Всё пришло моментально после оплаты, почту и пароль сразу сменил, всё супер
23.06.2022 19:29:18
всё ок
23.06.2022 9:29:37
без проблем зашел на акк и поменял почту. рекомендую!
18.06.2022 1:05:38
Всё хорошо.
17.06.2022 0:51:39
Все легко и просто
16.06.2022 13:47:24
Всё получил. Привязал на себя по инструкции. Отличный товар
15.06.2022 22:33:05
Купил аккаунт. Получил, Продавцу Большое спасибо
15.06.2022 19:02:41
Можно работать!