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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$15 the discount is 10%
✔️After activating the game, you get the opportunity to use our XBOX Store account to play HITMAN 3 - Deluxe Edition. The game has a *network mode* that allows you to play online with your friends. You need to play from your Xbox Live account, this ensures that all achievements and progress will be only yours. The game has no regional restrictions.ATTENTION!
Installing the game on the Xbox One console:

✔️1) Go to the purchased profile, click “Login”
2) Click “Add a new player”, enter the purchased data (username and password)
3) Next, you may be asked for a verification code. You can send it to me by mail. To do this, contact me IN ADVANCE in “Correspondence with the seller”
4) Login and security settings - set “No restrictions”
5) Go to “My games and applications” or “XBOX Store”
6) Install the game
7) Switch to your personal profile and start the game
8) Have a nice game. 🎮>attention✔️System requirements:/attentionXbox One or Xbox Series X | S.


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